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TRYOUTS 2020/21

2020-2021 Tryouts Announced


Legacy are excited to announce that the tryouts for our Legacy Premier teams for the 2020/21 seasonal year will commence the week of April 27. Based on discussions between our professional soccer leadership, the tryouts have been intentionally set later than many premier clubs in the area, in order for our players to focus more on development over the course of the spring season.


Based on the model pioneered by leading clubs in Eastern Pennsylvania, Legacy tryouts have been scheduled later in the spring with a players first philosophy in mind – allowing players to focus more on training and playing competitive games, rather than worrying and stressing over tryouts that start before a ball has been kicked in anger in the fall season. See the statement below from our professional soccer leadership:


"After discussions, both internally and with other NJ clubs for several years, and based on the leading steps taken by our counterparts in PA we have made a decision to put players first and start tryouts later. The spring season is a very important time for player development; every player improves at different rates and it shouldn't just be a season of tryouts. We want every player at Legacy to enjoy as much of their spring season as possible before decisions are made for the 2020/21 season. The spring season should not be a stressful time for players, parents or coaches. We won’t be hosting “ID Clinics” and won’t begin the formal tryout process before the end of April. Hopefully moving forward, the clubs in NJ can come together and we can all start tryouts at even later date."


Jim Buchanan, Legacy Director and Girls’ DOC

Sean Sweeney, Boys’ DOC

Jeff Zaun, FC Berna DOC




2012 (U9): 4/27 & 4/29, 5.30-6.45

2011 (U10): 4/27 & 4/29, 5.30-6.45

2010 (U11): 4/28 & 4/30, 5.30-6.45

2009 (U12): 4/28 & 4/30, 6.30-7.45

2008 (U13): 4/27 & 4/29, 6.30-7.45

2007 (U14): 4/28 & 4/30, 7.45-9.00

2006 (U15): 4/28 & 4/30, 7.45-9.00

Tryouts for 2005 (U16) and older teams coming in May 2020,

announcement posted soon!



2012 (U9): 4/28 & 4/30, 5.30-6.45

2011 (U10): 4/28 & 4/30, 5.30-6.45

2010 (U11): 4/27 & 4/29, 5.30-6.45

2009 (U12): 4/27 & 4/29, 6.30-7.45

2008 (U13): 4/27 & 4/29, 7.45-9.00

2007 (U14): 4/28 & 4/30, 6.30-7.45

2006 (U15): 4/27 & 4/29, 7.45-9.00

Tryouts for 2005 (U16) and older teams coming in May 2020,

announcement posted soon!

Registration will open Monday for any questions email: Jim@legacypremiersoccer.com